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Keeping it Green

Lawn mowers produce four times as much pollutants as a car does per hour. That is why Aaron’s has invested in an entirely new fleet of lawn mowers that are up to 25% more efficient than the average lawn mower, therefore reducing our environmental impact. When trying to decide who you should have maintain your property remember Aaron’s is invested in your future.

Our Fertilization Program

Aaron’s Lawn Care, Inc. is proud to offer a fertilization program second to none in our region.  We start from deep inside with core aeration and fertilization, then apply grub, insect and vegetation control to begin the purification of your lawn to rid it of pesky invaders.  We will treat your trees and shrubs as well to keep them in pristine condition.  Our experienced staff will custom design a fertilization program that will meet your specific needs and fulfill your expectations.

Understanding Fertilizer Numbers

Understanding Fertilizer Numbers

The label on the fertilizer bag is required to show the percentage by weight of nitrogen, available phosphate (commonly referred to as phosphorus) and sulfate of potash (commonly referred to as potassium):

* The first number is nitrogen, which promotes overall grass shoot growth
* The second number is available phosphate (phosphorous), which promotes strong root growth
* The third number is soluble potash (potassium), which helps grass withstand stress, for example, drought or disease